Product Safety

Dear Friends,

Nuttipetz International Inc., assures our Nutti Owners that we take product safety very seriously. We are proactive in our approach to obtaining “third party testing” in USA BASED CPSC approved laboratories, of all our products. We are in full compliance by meeting or exceeding all safety standards.

In addition, there are additional quality control personnel in place at our manufacturing facilities to ensure our products are handpicked, double checked and inspected for maximum safety.

We conduct multiple tests on our product including Lead/Heavy Metal on surface testing ASTM F963 compliance, needle testing, small parts and any other test deemed to meet or exceed CPSIA, CPSA and ASTM Children’s toy safety guidelines.

In accordance with the new guidelines for Toy Safety, we ensure that all our labeling meets or exceeds CPSIA requirements.

The following tests are necessary for governmental safety compliance and which we do (where applicable) to ensure 100% safety for your children.

  • Lead in Substrates (CPSIA section.101)

  • Phthalates Content (CPSIA section.108)

  • CPSIA (H.R.4040) 16 CFR 1303 (CPSIA section.101)-Lead in Paint

  • 16 CFR 1303 (CPSIA section.101)-Lead in Paint

  • 16 CFR 1500.44-Flammability of Solids

  • 16 CFR 1500.48 and 1500.49-Sharp Points/Edges

  • 16 CFR 1501-Small Parts

  • ASTM F963-07

Nuttipetz International Inc, and its entire team hope that this information will enable our customers to feel good about purchasing our products, and know that in our minds (just as in our families) our children’s welfare and safety come first. We are proud of our products and our safety program.

We always welcome your feedback. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions that you feel will improve our product quality, service or actual product offerings. We invite you contact us, at any time.

Just call and ask for the “Chief Executive Nutt”, we love our Nutti owning friends.

The home of Nuttipetz. “Little Critters… with BIG hearts”.


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